Every content marketing blog post ever

Let’s talk about how to do content right. Because you, my friend, are most definitely doing it wrong.

But don’t worry. In a mere 1,000 words or less, I shall dispense my infinite wisdom upon thee. Here is how to do X thing you are currently not doing right at all:

1. Start with your audience.

I bet you’re not even listening to your audience! Boy is that dumb. Your audience has all the answers to all the questions. They hold all the power in the marketing universe, so you better at least send them some surveys or sit them down and pry answers out of them with alcohol or gifts or pleading – whatever it takes. But this is definitely where you need to start, because it’s all about the user. It has always been all about the user.

And here you thought it was all about you and your hunches, huh? Wrong! It’s not. It’s about the audience. Get the point yet? Great, let’s go to number 2.

2. Do that thing you already do but do it better

Here’s a novel idea: why don’t you just stop sucking? Take all that good info from your audience and just do everything better than you were doing it. Did I mention that you need to talk with your audience? Well then now is the time to write about pain points and need states. I think I’ll also mention the buying cycle. Are you marvelling at my genius yet? Because your audience would be, if you stopped ignoring them.

3. I borrowed this point from somewhere else. Please do not research it.

Researching for pieces is really hard. You inevitably have to take someone else’s ideas and make them sound like your own. That is what I am going to do here. I will list the same points and borrowed statistics, but I am adding value because now it’s in my wording. And you love my wording. Almost as much as you will learn to love your audience. Are you listening to your audience yet?



Oh, also, tell a good brand story. And make sure it is relevant and impactful. Impactful is not a word, but then again, brand stories aren’t usually real stories anyway.

4. I am running out of steam, so I think I’ll wrap this up

I’ve been working on this post for like, 2 hours already. Content is hard. So here’s a reminder: Ask the audience. This is like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and the answer is you, and the audience knows how to get you there. Audience. Audience. Audience.



The customer is always right.

Pay me a lot of money.


6 Responses to “Every content marketing blog post ever”

  1. Kyle Lelli says:

    Please never not write a post or a tweet that is not snarky/sarcastic. You’re one of the only guys in the game right now who’s stuff is worth while because it give me some yuks.

    Also, I didn’t know impactful wasn’t a word until Google Docs made me save it to dictionary. The red squiggly lines under a misspelled word are one of the greatest inventions of the modern era (i.e. last 5 years).

    • Joel says:

      Ha! Thanks Kyle. I’ll do my best to keep the snark factor high. Impactful sounds like it SHOULD be a word – but alas, it isn’t. I too was shocked.

  2. Chris London says:

    I’ve seen other people borrow these same points before, but your version was the only one that was educational and highly entertaining. Thanks for the read.

  3. Haha This reminds me of a post I wrote (“5 Free SEO Tools You’ll Skim Through Before Never Using Again”)

    Sometimes you just have to let it out, no?

  4. Phillip Dews says:

    Impactful hey hmmm
    Meaning ‘Having major impact or effect’

    I was going to petition the Oxford English Dictionary for you then to get the word included until I found this….
    So it seems it is a proper word after all!

    Loved the post Joel and totally agree with you there always make it about them. whenever I write a blog post I like to tell a story and then find a problem my audience may face with their blog then lastly present the solution.

    Simple really hey offer a solution or a tip that betters the audience reading the blog. don’t know what else to say now but epic post dude I loved it!

    - PD

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