Hawk Attack: And Other Stories of Note (is now free!)

In 2010, I wrote a book.

It was about my hilarious job working in an accounting department with a whole bunch of women who were straight out of Eastern Europe. It was actually sort of a book by accident.

The whole thing started out as notes posted on Myspace and Facebook – little notes to blow off steam and entertain my friends. People told me I should write a book, but I didn’t really know what to write about. So I just wrote more notes about Russian women who microwaved fish and kept their offices at sub-zero temperatures. 

In 2008, my friend Jeff compiled all of his favourites into a book format and gave it to me for my birthday. I was left without an excuse. I had already written a book. Over the next two years, I edited it, added to it and published it in hard copy. It looked like this: 

I like to believe it’s great toilet reading. To date, I’ve sold over 150 copies (which you can still buy) to rave reviews like:

“This made me laugh so hard I farted out my colon and had to go to the hospital!”Crazy guy in hospital with unfortunate case of exploded colon

Take that however you want to, but maybe be careful while reading and wear a pair of pants you’re not totally in love with.

Get it free here (free when you Tweet/Share on Facebook)

If that completely fails and you’re frustrated or you’re just too cool to let a tweet about my book sully your social media account, then you can break my heart and just download it here instead (but think about sharing it – I’d love for more people to share in the freeness and laughter).

Disclaimer: Yes, there are (a few) typos in this. Yes, I overuse commas. Deal with it.

(Got a friend’s birthday coming up? Want to get out of the anniversary dog house? Need a new permanent bathroom reader? You can buy a hard copy by contacting me. We’ll work out a deal.)




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