In controversial move, Google recommends shutting down blogs

BREAKING: Google’s Webspam Team Recommends Taking Down Your Blog To Avoid Penalization

It was revealed today in an exclusive, as-yet-unpublished interview with Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan that Google has adopted even stricter policies toward webspam than have been seen over the past few turbulent months.

After announcing hard-line policies against Infographic links, warning about guest post schemes and continuing to beat the drum for the ongoing Penguin algorithm refinements, it was communicated that Google has a new recommendation for website owners looking to stay on Google’s good side.

Cutts Speaks Out

Speaking candidly, Google’s Matt Cutts explained, “Google has recognized that the great majority of webspam takes place on blogs across the web. By our estimates, over 95% of manipulative linking originates from blogs.”

Continuing, Cutts explained, “We’ve also become concerned by the manipulative content creation we’ve seen out there – it seems that blog owners are writing all sorts of low quality content in attempts to manipulate the long-tail. Other site owners have produced content like guides, how-to’s, editorials and so on that are then being linked to from other blogs and media outlets; this type of manipulative behaviour has an adverse impact on rankings and is something we intend to address. Clearly, blogs must go.

Cutts then, completely calm and straight-faced, relayed the following recommendation: “Site owners, if you want to avoid coming under Google’s scrutiny, take down your blogs or implement “noindex, nofollow”. Just remove them from the internet, and never bring them back.”

When asked what kinds of content remained acceptable, Cutts, agitated, replied: “Direct mail.”

He closed the conversation by warning of an algorithm update coming later this year. “It’s going to be a cold, cold winter for bloggers.”

Click here for the latest on this story as it develops.

So much for “Don’t be evil”, right guys?

63 Responses to “In controversial move, Google recommends shutting down blogs”

  1. Long live direct mail. Keepin’ Dunder Mifflin alive since 2005.

  2. Very helpful. Any updates on courier pigeons and The Pony Express?

  3. Elke Greim says:

    Thanks for the good article? Are you sure that all good blogs with usefull and high quality content should close down?
    I cant believe that!

    Many regards from Germany

    Elke Greim
    Lisa Sprachreisen

  4. Jesse Teske says:

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  5. Eric Ward says:

    Couldn’t we just move them to MySpace? Same thing.

  6. Alok says:

    First Google was said blog should be must in website for batter SERP and now it is saying to down it. But now blog is like Google we can’t live without it, blog is very good source to get all latest information and knowledge.

    • Paolo Yanez says:

      You are right. Some websites had hard time writing those long, long post to cater their visitor’s questions and now just gone to waste? Before this controversy, I have said that Maybe Google thought Blogs are applicable to all websites, and the whole web is made of blogs, because they consider it a Ranking Factor.. Now, after 4 months of grasping the Blog-in-the-website-ranking-factor thing, they are kicking the blogs out?

  7. Hiral Patel says:

    I would think google would penalize those are using the various schemes and not bloggers who practice ethical marketing strategies.

  8. GODOVERYOU says:

    That’s really funny.

    I hope that people realize it is a joke. A very entertaining joke at that.

    If there is anyone really that worried that this may one day be true, all I can say is that WordPress runs one of every six sites on the internet alone. Combined with the other blogging CMS’es available, Google probably isn’t prepared to remove or punish 20% of the total information available on the web.

    Either way, well written and way too funny.


    (PS – had to tweet it)

  9. Elke Greim says:

    Mark Traphagen gave a comment to that subject. I am not sure if I can give the Google+ account. If not please delete my post.

    I am writing lots of quality-content-Blogs and I cant shut them down.

  10. An observation: it seems ‘quality’ as in ‘high quality content’ is one of those words that also means the opposite of its usual meaning, like ‘literally’.

    I think you’ve captured Cutts’ voice perfectly here.

  11. Can you show where Scutts say thats?

  12. Nick says:

    Very well done and well written. It took me a few minutes to realize it was a joke. You should write for The Onion!

  13. alan ng says:

    Problem is people and Google especially have forgotten what a blog actually is. It’s short for web log, it’s a space for anyone and everyone to have their own bit of web space. Be it to write down their own thoughts rants, whatever. Anyone’s allowed to write whatever they choose on the web, wasn’t that the whole point of it in the first place?

    Most genuine bloggers probably aren’t even doing it to deliberately rank for something, so Google declaring they will penalise blogs will most likely fall on deaf ears.

    Google if you don’t think a site is good enough, just don’t rank it. Announcing to people to take down ‘bad blogs’, is more of an announcement saying ‘hey or algorithm isn’t working so help us do our work!’

    Genuine bloggers reading this, blogs are your own, KEEP THEM! Google doesn’t own the web, just search…for now.

    Do no evil…what happened to that slogan anyway

    • Joel says:

      You should write them a letter immediately.

    • Paolo Yanez says:

      :D Funny but great thought! Yes, I think Matt Cutts is probably having trouble with the Spam algorithm which is ruining the SERPs that he is the one responsible in the first place.

      Darn Matt, no matter what you do, just, Just like Personal Value, every Anti-Spam action has equivalent Spam.

      Matt Cutts has an equivalent Spammer to ruin the SERPs that Matt is taking care of. We need the Blog!

  14. alan ng says:

    Lol yes I should :-) rant over

  15. Michael says:

    At first I thought: “Wait a minute it’s not April 1st” and I almost believed it… just a proof how irrational Google’s Anti-Spam team is acting recently…
    Love it though :-)

  16. Michael says:

    would you mind if I’d make a rough translation of it and put it onto my blog ( and link back to you as the original source?

    • Joel says:

      Sure! Although.. From my understanding, Germans don’t always get satire (my whole family is German!)

      But I don’t mind at all.

  17. Genius!

    It says a lot about Google at the moment (or perhaps even more about me and my Sunday hangover brain) that it took for me to hover over the “Click here for the latest on this story as it develops.” link to realise you were joking.

  18. Keith James says:

    I’ve just taken my blog down. Thanks for the heads up. When you get a chance to hear the entire interview, Matt Cutts gets a lot more specific. According to Matt (minute 12 in the interview) he specifically recommends that you replace your blog with cat pictures.

    “The most important and meaningful use for the Internet is the proliferation of cat pics. Google has done extensive research and found that the majority of searches are for photos of cats. We want to make your search results as accurate as possible. People no longer use the Internet for product or service reviews.”

    I have to admit that I was taken aback by his comment. Since taking down my blog and replacing it with photos of my tuxedo feline I have seen an over 300% in web traffic. All I can say is that the man is a genius!

  19. Rigved says:

    Look like a spam.Google don’t officially declared anything like this.

  20. Wilde Mooney says:

    Lol, can I fax this to my Myspace account?
    Or maybe we can go back to smoke signals :)

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  22. Ralf says:

    What is the source of this information!? Something like “It was revealed today in an exclusive, as-yet-unpublished interview with Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan that Google has adopted even stricter policies toward webspam than have been seen over the past few turbulent months.” seems not beeing enough!!!

  23. Peter says:

    Hot stuff in the morning :)

  24. matt says:

    Who does Matt Cutts think he is ?

  25. As always with Matt you have to read between the lines rather than take everything at face value and if you also think of ‘blog’ as meaning ‘webpages’ or ‘e-commerce site’ I think we’re getting closer to what he’s really trying to warn us of.

    If we don’t see sites getting penalties for using large product images which are obviously not just to satisfy user intent but to encourage social and manipulative ‘word of mouth’ sharing, or perhaps webpages for containing content that’s ‘overly useful’ I’ll be very surprised.

    • Joel says:

      The real problem is that as long as there are websites there will be spam. Really, Google should be offering licenses to those who want to publish content on the web.
      Hmmmm… I feel another exclusive interview brewing.

  26. Marco says:

    This is so hilarious! Thanks for having a laughing fit.

  27. Very good joke! And good link bait idea :D

  28. I think it is the blog visitors that need banning.

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  30. Serj says:

    Blogs were out there long before Cutts “cut” them up. They were the way for people to express their thoughts and opinions with more than just 160 symbols, and spread it throughout the world…
    Spammers are the ones responsiible for abusing this power and thus forcing Google to take such measures. But really – Google just doesn’t do a great job! They are inable to filter spam and thus, will penalize blogs! This is preposterous! They have to either figure out how to make their algorythm smarter, or get fired. I think all those doghnuts are cluttering their heads! Cutts, I would love to meet you in person… just to say “hi”.. :X

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  32. igl00 says:

    propably for some sites its better to start from 0 if they were over spammed i nthe past ;x

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