Maybe it’s because I’m coming off an uncharacteristic caffeine ride.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve just watched as, for what seems like the 8,000th time (this week) a colleague re-tweet somebody’s social kudos (of course, about themselves) to the world, amplifying the back-pat to obnoxious volumes that make you wish the hand doing the patting was a clenched fist aimed further south.

Perhaps it’s because I just read this delightful slideshare (unfortunately fraught with typos) reminding me that no brand is my friend and they all just want my hard-earned cash – a fact that I’m paid to help consumers forget.

But today, I’m feeling that ol’ familiar “Stuck in the bubble” feeling one gets when they spend way too much time surrounded by the marketing world and not enough time out looking at sunsets and running on beaches and boarding planes to unknown destinations (and other such things).

Inauthenticity abounds. Seems like everyone’s on some kind of conquest, and social interactions are just notches in the bed post along the way.


“I really appreciate it!”¬†

Even when you mean ‘em, the medium seems to kind of destroy the message. Too easy.

I’ve briefly poked my head up and out of the dive tank and realized just how many of my daily interactions (both sent and received) are riddled with inauthenticity – this bizarre ecosystem of compliments and anecdotes and one-liners intended to generate applause from the same bunch of clapping seals you entertained last week.

I think it was Mike King who tweeted: “Marketers marketing to marketers with marketing about marketing” – ain’t that the truth.

It’s a well-meaning economy, but it sure gets tired fast.

2 Responses to “Blergh.”

  1. Alessio says:

    get your point. I think this is the typical attitude of someone willing to try different things and not only marketing, but you are still figuring out how to do it.

    It’s up and down, this feeling. And it’s gonna be the same til you manage to really let it go and understand to really do what you think and what you want no matter “you need to write three posts a week because otherwise you’re not going to in the next marketing conference where the speakers are always the same taking pictures of themselves with the same people, year after year” .

    but yes…I think marketers often spend more times on twitter or within the same circle of people, rather than going outside and experience something else.

    And trust me….this is an authentic comment.

    take care Joel.

    • Joel says:

      Alessio my friend, you know no other comment but the authentic ones. I really do value that about you. I am learning and defining my path; I’m struggling to balance the necessities of business with life as a whole. I’m glad you see that – it’s comforting to know.

      Here’s to experiencing life, my friend.

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