The Clients I Want to Work With

Here are the clients I want to work with:

Bring me your parallax dreamers, your daring content adventurers, bring me the copy projects that could get you fired. Bring me the companies who want to BE the next Dollar Shave Club or Old Spice Guy – not just rip them off. 

Bring me those who want humour and won’t shoo it away with a red pen and an over-starched collar when it actually shows up. The ones who won’t choke their humanity with a style guide that lives on a different planet than their customers do.

Bring me the steak eaters and the fine diners – not the McDonald’s elite – or the ones  content to drink regurgitated  Tang from a thought leader’s shoe and preach about the way it cured their cataracts.

Bring me the ideas people with rolled up sleeves; the ones who aren’t content to clink glasses over “ideas” and would rather get muddy in the trenches and drink schooners when the work is through.

Bring me the process people – the ones who fly by the seat of their pants, but take along a co-pilot. Bring me the honest ones, the ones who believe in contracts and paying on time as much as they believe in firm handshakes. 

Bring me the ones who would rather smash their typing hands than betray the allegiance of their audience; the ones who would sooner say nothing than abuse keyboards on a deadline.

And please, if nothing else, bring me the ones who don’t believe in word counts.

(If you’re like this, I’d be overjoyed to hear from you: Business Casual Copywriting)

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